Are you behind in filing your income tax returns? Having problems with your GST or HST reports? If yes, J.P. Accounting & Tax Services Inc. is here for you.

We Offer

  • Bookkeeping
  • Income Tax
  • GST/HST Monthly Reports
  • GST/HST Quarterly Reports
  • GST/HST Annual Reports
  • Manual or Computerized

J.P. Accounting & Tax Services Inc. and their associates will:

  • Prepare personal income tax returns for the current year and/or prior years
  • Prepare your bookkeeping with manual or computerized monthly, quarterly and year end financial reports and/or statements
  • Handle your inquiries with Revenue Canada, the Ministry of Finance and W.S.I.B.
  • Prepare business forecast
  • Reduce your daily paperwork by preparing your G.S.T., H.S.T., Payroll and W.S.I.B. remittances on monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Resume and written correspondence preparation
  • Complete federal and provincial government forms for personal or business matters
  • Preparation of weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payroll and T4, T4A and T4/T4A summary preparation and payroll remittances on a monthly basis
  • Preparation of the Employer Health Tax remittance on a monthly or annual basis

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